Here are 5 spooky email campaigns that stood out in our inboxes over previous Halloweens.

Every month we pull together a list of marketing campaigns which stood out to us. This month we've gone a little bit different. Since it's the season of spooks, scares and sweet treats, have a look at our top Halloween-based email marketing campaigns.

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AirBnb: Spooky stays

Who doesn't like a stay in a potentially haunted house? Well the appeal is there for some, and AirBnb go all in with their Halloween email marketing promotions. And since AirBnB are all about home rental experiences, tying in the haunted house idea fits perfectly with their offerings.


Source: Really Good Emails

They really do lean into the horror trope with this brilliant email. Every line of email copy has a Halloween-based twist, or pun included. But instead of feeling forced, it feels fun and entirely appropriate. You get the sense that the marketers at AirBnb had a genuine laugh when figuring out what to write here. And having the top offers reflect scary and haunted locations in the AirBnb library really helps that Halloween feel. Even the top image looks like it's straight from a 1970's horror B-movie classic! I'll go and stay in an AirBnb this Halloween, just expect to find me hiding under the bed rather than sleeping on it.

Tips and treats - Uber


Source: Really Good Emails

Uber have flipped the 'trick or treat' motif of Halloween into caring, socially-conscious piece of messaging. It gives customers some advice on certain features the Uber app has to make a late-night journey go more smoothly, and also some tips on making sure you are safe with your driver. Its reassuring and informational tone, scattered with light-hearted Halloween references makes for a really nice email to receive at this time of year.

The Witching Hours' GIF - Nasty Gal

In the past, I've not had much love for fast fashion and the marketing that the brands use. However this email, sent out in Halloween 2017, is an early example of where simplicity and a bit of GIF-based trickery can be really effective.


Whilst the GIF itself doesn't change much, its subtlety grabs your attention immediately. It's cool, creepy and noticeable in equal measure. And the quick switch of colour to a more red-based palette gives the impression that this email is straight from a horror film. Plus, minimal copy ensures the subtle change stands out.

Hair-raising tips - Harry's

Male grooming brand Harry's has appeared on our monthly roundup lists before, and with good reason. Their tone and brand style carries with it a sense of fun and old-school gentlemanly etiquette that shines well in society when considering the rise of a toxic 'lad' culture.


Source: Really Good Emails

Knowing that a bad-hair day for guys can be as scary as sharing a bed with Freddie Kruger, they framed a 'trial offer' email around a how-to guide to good grooming. Informative text (with hints towards Harry's products) combined with awesomely artistic image references to classic horror monsters make this a great piece of Halloween-based marketing. Plus once you've finished the how-to guide, it's an easy click to get to setting up your trial of their products.

Halloween email templates - Email Monks

Seasonal mailings always need a special touch to them. They require a little extra effort and time dedicated to them. But, especially at this time of year that contains Black Friday, November 5th (in the UK) and the relentless run up to Christmas, that time may be hard to come by. In 2019, Email Monks released an offer to help ease that strain.


Source: Really Good Emails

With a flashy GIF dominating the top portion of the email, it grabs your attention by switching between a docile landscape drawing and a cartoonish Halloween design. The messaging behind this isn't a sales-based one either. It's a handout to those who may have struggled to get a specific email template ready in time. This magnifies the Email Monks brand as one that not only wants to help, but is forward-thinking too. The fact that this email comes with accessibility options for the hearing and/or visually impaired is another thoughtful feature.

Many of these examples have come from Really Good Emails' Halloween list, so we can highly recommend you pop over there and check out some more!

That's all for now, but let's continue spreading the marketing, and general, love! Did you see any email campaigns in your inbox that you loved? Share them with us on Twitter!

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