Here are 5 creative email campaigns that stood out in our inboxes this month. 

Every month we pull a list together of marketing campaigns which stood out to us. This month we decided to focus on great campaigns we have seen in our inbox - here's a few.

Clic Sargent: We Dare You

Charities are having to get even more creative with fundraising ideas lately. With the Covid-19 crisis still present, donations are decreasing. And now the traditional summer holidays are upon us, Clic Sargent are daring us to do something different for fundraising.


Focusing their messaging around dares, they are challenging the audience to get back into fundraising activities. And they have creatively suggested ideas that fit alongside Covid-19 restrictions and guidance, including not looking at screens for 24 hours, camping in your garden and an alternative Olympics.

The colourful, cartoonish header with 'DARE' standing out immediately grabs attention. The messaging puts across their idea and their mission statement well, and it also offers multiple opportunities to explore the idea (and their website) further with many CTA's. And at the end of the day, it's a great cause to get involved in.

Just Eat: Cheeky Tuesdays


What's better than a tasty meal? A discounted tasty meal! Just Eat's 'cheeky Tuesday' campaign have been roaring into inboxes lately offering just that, with up to 20% discount on participating restaurants. Restaurant food described as 'cheeky' has entered the social vocabulary thanks to Nando's, and now other chains are jumping onto this. And the restaurants included in the email are personalised to each subscriber based on their previous purchases and geographical location.

Just Eat's campaign could have easily become swamped in trying to advertise as many restaurants as they could in this offer. But by keeping it very simple, with minimal text and quickly introducing the exit point to the email (the 'Order Now' CTA button), Just Eat have kept their offer front and centre, and enabled their audience to quickly get to what they want to do - choosing their food. And by choosing not to directly compete with other 'weekly' offers from rival delivery services such as Deliveroo (Tasty Thursdays), they ensure that their campaign is uninterrupted and is more noticeable.

Moneybox: Crowdfunding


This email is not what I was expecting. There is a lot of copy, it's asking you to input money in a crowdfunding effort (always a tricky sell to current customers), without a 'view in browser' link, making it slightly less accessible than others. But what they have done very well is to include a bespoke, on-brand, and eye-catching GIF.

See the animation in action.

GIFs are becoming more common in emails but they are still tricky to be tonally right, render properly, and be relevant to the messaging. By using one that is both company-branded and also campaign-specific, and placing it as the header to their email, Moneybox grabs your attention straight away and in a pleasing fashion. It encourages you to read on and stays with their slightly quirky and non-corporate culture, which includes using emojis and lively language, tone and punctuation.

Gobe: Apology and discount


Mistakes are part and parcel of work, you can't really aviod avoid them. Gobe (ethical manufacturer of lens filters), wanted to let their customers know about their new website. A major milestone for any company, and they rightly wanted to tell everyone about it. Unfortunately, when the time came to do so, the wrong email was sent.

Did they panic? Run and hide? It doesn't look like it, as they turned this mistake into a win with this gem of an email. The messaging is short and sweet, as the majority of the email is taken up by the headline advertising the new website which clearly pulls the reader in. It also contains a short apology but humorously 'blames' the new website - like a pantomime villain, and even offers a discount to compliment the apology, which is slightly bolded to guide the reader's eye down to it .

It's so good you almost wonder if they planned this 'mistake' on purpose... and if so, bravo!

Now TV: Your Premier League review


These types of emails are becoming more popular. Personalised stat-driven emails that give you an interesting insight into your interaction with the medium, be that music, tv or podcasts. In this case, Now TV round up the Premier League season by showing you some great data about what you witnessed whilst watching football via their network! How many goals, how many fouls, how many shots. As a stat geek I love this!

They've nailed the layout and balance of this email as well. It's easy to get overexcited by data and put as much as you can in. But by keeping the messaging short, the design clean, and the data points minimal, it ensures that the great stats come through loud and clear and grab interest. Also the header is 'here's your 19/20 season in numbers', and if that doesn't make you want to read on them I don't know what will!

That's all for now, but let's continue spreading the marketing, and general, love! Did you see any email campaigns in your inbox that you loved? Share them with us on Twitter!

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