We attended The dotdigital Summit and #Teamtaxi left feeling very inspired. Find out how how we plan on using the key takeaways from the summit in our day to day roles at Taxi.


How Attending The dotdigital Summit Inspired Me As A Business Development Executive - Jordy Dikala

“It’s not all about the size of a database”

It was interesting to learn that smaller database can have more engaged customers as we usually tend to think the opposite.

I also picked up some great tips from the summit, it was mentioned in one of my sessions that when you present a potential client with three pricing options, they are more likely to select the middle option rather than the cheapest or more expensive option. This will definitely help with how we communicate with potential customers.


How Attending The dotdigital Summit Inspired Me As A Tech Success Manager - Paris Fisher

“You'll never try something new unless an obstacle is put in your way. Only then will you be forced to try something new. Sometimes this will be worse. But sometimes you'll realise there was a better way!”

This fits perfectly into the mindset of an email marketeer. It’s very hard to take a step back out of your daily email production process because of how fast paced the role is. It takes having an obstacle to overcome to take a step back and have time to review the way in which you work or the emails you’re creating. It’s only then that you can see areas that need improving.

Tech success is a reactive role, with ever changing daily challenges to overcome. Whether it be helping another department with a project or answering a technical query a client may be facing. This quote really sums up the role.

How Attending The dotdigital Summit Inspired Me As A Tech Success Hero - Kieran Cavanagh

Complexity makes us more creative

This stuck with me as sometimes it better to completely change your approach when looking at a problem, this can help you to learn something completely different and come up with the best way of getting to a solution. When faced with complex challenges it can be helpful to start from scratch and look at it from a new perspective

There was also a lot of discussion about AI based personalisation, it was interesting to see the different ways to target customers and the different ways to go about it. I loved the idea of exploring multiple strategies that you can use with the same technology. This is so important for tech success as there are many ways that our customers can use the same features/technology. These talks definitely highlighted how important flexibility is especially when approaching challenges.

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