Make your email approval process easier by directly exporting a PDF of the email you are working on to share with your team.


Help empower your team to build great email by exporting your mailings in PDF format - and get easy, print-ready copies for whatever you need, without any drop in resolution or quality.

It’s important every email you send is on-brand, gets approval from all teams and has the feedback it needs for your campaigns to run smoothly. It could be that there are stakeholders who need to approve the emails your team makes, but they don't have access to Taxi themselves.

Using Taxi, you can cut the time spent to approve emails by downloading PDF versions of your email which you can send to your team - and keep any feedback centralised in one document.

Here are just a few ways direct PDF exports could help your team:

Save time screenshotting ‘view in browser’ emails:

Want to share a screenshot of an email with your team without downloading the HTML, viewing online and screenshotting? Using Taxi you can directly download a PDF copy of your email, which cuts out the steps of downloading your HTML then taking a screenshot of your email before sharing with your team. Instead of taking multiple screenshots when your email might be longer than your screen size, you can simply download a PDF version of your email without needing multiple images, or full page screenshot extensions in your browser. Also, as not all emails have view online links, it means you can get the real-time, print-ready version of your email ready to send out to your teams quickly and easily. 

Sharing notes and feedback

Getting the right feedback on your email is critical, but your team might not all have access to your email tool. PDF exports are a great solution to share your email across teams, at the click of a button. Your PDFs can also be easily downloaded and shared across teams, ready for feedback to be added. Plus, each PDF download is print-ready, meaning you don’t need to worry about how they render in the print version.

Approvals for further away teams 

Need your emails approved by further away teams before sending? For example, if you have legal terms included in your emails, you might need further approval before sending each email out to your customers. We know by experience, being ISO 27001 certified, that staying compliant is key to success. And since PDF format is a commonly accepted format by legal teams, you can use our PDF export option to ensure that every email is approved and compliant before sending.

Ready to load into other tools

Here are just a few use cases to why downloading a PDF version of your email might benefit you: 

  • If you want to load your PDF into a notes sharing platform to share comments and notes before you send. This means you can work more collaboratively, whilst keeping any amends in one place so you can stay on track when updating your email. 
  • If your teams only accept PDF format, you can ensure they get what they need to do their job
  • Once you get approval your HTML will be ready to export into your sending platform

Preview light and dark mode

Want to see how your emails render on light and dark mode? If you need approval for the two formats you can easily export your PDFs in both versions by selecting the browser mode you want to download.  

Be confident every email you send is approved

Using Taxi you can send and download copies of your emails you or your team are working on in multiple formats, meaning there is nothing stopping you from getting the feedback or approval you need before you click send. Any changes made are saved and new PDFs can be downloaded meaning you save time getting your email sent. This means you can banish the send fear, as you can easily track amends needed and make sure you always have the most up-to-date PDF readily available to send to your team. 

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