As #emailgeeks we categorically understand the importance of this time of year. The last thing anyone wants is for any technical issues or shutdowns.

Whilst Taxi doesn't actually send email, we recognise that many of our customers are busy planning campaigns this week. 

We are here to help, and so we’ve put extra resources in place to help your Black Friday hopefully go trouble-free. 

Prepare yourself

There are a few things you can do to make sure your campaigns run smoothly.

  • The chances are your templates are already render tested, but it might be worth getting another quick test in now.
  • Get the bulk of your campaigns ready – whilst there are always last minute changes, having most of your content ready means on Friday you can jump in, update the latest prices and export. 
  • If you are hosting images externally, get them all uploaded beforehand.
  • Run a quick export of your draft campaign – that way our exporters are only transferring the latest changes on Friday, which should help mitigate any ESP API delays we could hit.

A robust infrastructure

When you’re firing out your vital Black Friday emails with the ferocity and speed of Rambo with a particularly vengeful grudge, you want to know that the technology you are using can take the strain. Taxi is built for just such an occasion.  

For example in November 2018 our Content Delivery Network (CDN - where images are hosted), in Europe alone, served up over 1,440,000,000 images at a bandwidth of 153,320,239 GB. That’s a lot of image data coming from a lot of emails. Whilst it’s nice to see such impressive numbers, the message behind them is that Taxi is built to scale up when you need it most.

Pressing pause on updates

We usually continually push updates to Taxi, but we have frozen these (including rolling out our new user interface) to minimize as many technical delays as possible. Another upshot of this is that our support and technical teams are on hand to help you with any potential issues, and that emergency bug fixes can be sent out a lot faster.

Working with partners

We have discussed any potential issues with our partners and suppliers, and will be in close contact during the period. We don't envisage any issues with email platform APIs, but if there are, manual exports are available as always.

We are also continuously testing our connectors with Email Service Providers to make sure you can not only build the best emails with ease, but send them too (that's kind of important). 

System status

Our engineers are closely monitoring Taxi, ensuring it scales up as required. We have previously tested and experienced heavy loads on the Taxi editor, and have mitigated against issues here.

Whilst we do not expect any issues, our system status will be kept up to date at, and also our status Twitter account at

We're on hand

So no one told you Black Friday was going to be this way (clap clap clap clap). Don’t worry, we’ll be there for you– start a chat using the live chat or email us at for friendly support. Could this reference be any more fun?

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