We guide you through how to make the Email Design System you want.

Email Design Systems are changing email marketing. They provide a world where marketers can create amazing email that is on-brand every time, whilst being accessible for all to make without risking any design errors creeping in.

The idea of enabling anyone from your team to create great email collaboratively with a system that breeds confidence and guards against mistakes is a tantalising one for any marketing team. But it can seem like a big change for everyone too. How exactly do you make one, and where do you start?

Our guide to creating your own Email Design System takes you through this, step by step. We put it into digestible formats without sacrificing detail. You can successfully make an Email Design System that empowers your marketing team to make a real difference to your email marketing with our guide. We take you through:

  • What an Email Design system is.
  • How they are structured.
  • How they help your team, and if theyre really right for you.
  • 5 easy to follow steps on creating the best one for you, your team and your marketing strategy.

Download our guide on creating your best Email Design System and take the leap to the new and better way to make awesome email.

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