Our Black Friday offer is giving marketing teams their time back — up to 80% — and best of all, this offer is available all year round!

We've all seen the images of Black Friday. People fight their way through shop doors, windows, and sometimes other people to get to the best deals first. Items are ripped from hands, friendships are left as shattered as the shop window they've just burst through, and shopping descends into anarchy. In short - it's rather stressful.

And that's just the consumer side of Black Friday. There are also thousands of marketing teams who are desperately scrambling to get emails out to inform the mad mob of all of their offers and promotions in sufficient time. And with good reason, it's a key time of the year for marketing teams to drive revenue and increase sales for their brand. Though with emails flying out left, right and centre, and in high volumes, it's no wonder Black Friday is a stressful time for marketing teams.

Did you know?

Black Friday, and it's run up, has some of the largest email and content traffic of the entire year. For example, 5.7 million images were downloaded from our Content Delivery Network (where images are hosted) in one hour during last year's Black Friday. And throughout the whole day, it exceeded 1 billion. That's 100,000 per minute, 2000 a second. That's a lot of content out there, and a lot of emails being sent.

Don't worry though. Taxi for Email has your back. We are on the side of marketing teams everywhere, and we know how to help lift the dread. With this in mind, let's take a look at how Taxi can help you alleviate your Black Friday bugbears.

Productivity is our mantra

According to Wordstream, customers who purchase products through email are like to spend 138% more than those who don't receive offers. So for Black Friday that markup becomes incredibly important. The more emails with offers you can get out, the more of these customers you're going to hit.

So what do you need more than anything? Increased productivity. Our platform empowers marketing teams to create better performing emails quickly and at scale with ease. You want to build emails that will specifically speak to all of your audiences across multiple regions and in different languages? Normally this would take forever. With Taxi, you can create multiple emails from one master template quickly and easily, with many different versions to help cater for all of your audience requirements.


Using Taxi, teams slash the time it takes to make email from weeks to days. It can save your marketing team up to 80% of their time.

This ensures not only much faster email production, but tighter brand control and quicker time-to-market for your content and offers. So much time saved, so much stress and hassle avoided. So much else you can now do!

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Taxi helps marketing teams make better quality email, quicker, at a larger scale.

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‘Can you just make this quick change?’ 

It's every team's worst nightmare. You've spent ages perfecting your emails for Black Friday, only for stock numbers to change or a new price to be implemented at the last moment. Will you go back through each individual email and make that small change? The sheer thought is enough to scare anyone. 

That's why with Taxi, our user friendly platform allows you to make that small change once, and it replicates in all of the other emails in that campaign. In essence, you go from making hundreds of the same change to just one. Time saving, sanity saving and massively more efficient. Taxi is on hand from the word go to the last minute of your email workflow.

Competitor offers? React quickly with confidence

Everyone likes a good plan, but even with failsafes and agility built into your strategies you can be surprised. Black Friday loves a surprise, and your competition is always on the lookout to get the best deal in your space (rude I know). So imagine the horror when a competitor email lands in your inbox with a better offer. Have you got the capacity and time to re-write all of your mailings on the fly, without risking mistakes and broken links? It’s unlikely. 

Is Black Friday ruined? Not with Taxi. You can easily and safely make small and large changes to mailings quickly and at scale. So you can react to anything and one-up your competitors trying to one-up you.

Find your #EmailZen

Black Friday is one of the most hectic times of the year for marketers. Don’t let it overwhelm your marketing team. Taxi enables your team to stay ahead of the madness with effective and dedicated support, a user design that increases overall email productivity and that limits the effects and delays of last-minute changes. Find your #EmailZen with Taxi for Email.

See how Taxi can help your team

Taxi helps marketing teams make better quality email, quicker, at a larger scale.

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