We're excited to announce that this month we passed 100,000 email campaigns made using Taxi!

Some of those email campaigns made using Taxi include:

A high street department store, that changed how their team makes email - from managing disparate production agencies to becoming a superstar team that creates email themselves, as a result making them more reactive to their market, being able to create more email campaigns and generating a huge increase in revenue from the email channel.

A broadcaster that produces a daily, editorial focused politics email, that is created in an hour and ensures the latest news and comment is waiting on recipient's devices in time for breakfast.

An online language school that creates emails in 20 different languages, across multiple brands and with a deep level of automation and personalisation. 

& plus many more businesses and organisations have joined us on our journey. 

We're fascinated how marketing teams, from startups to large enterprises, use Taxi to create better email, quicker and at a larger scale. Let's set up a chat to see how Taxi can help you and your team.

Here's to the next 900,000!

(also thanks to Vicky's Donuts for the awesome donuts!

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