Revolutionize Your Email Workflow

Brands and agencies use Taxi to produce better email, quicker and at a large scale.


Build Email with Taxi. Send with Mailchimp.

  • Create an Email Design System

    Create your own branded, modular Email Design System using our simple-yet-powerful syntax.

  • Email Focused Editor

    Our easy-to-use drag and drop visual editor empowers copywriters and editors to build emails without needing to know HTML code.

  • Team Collaboration

    Empower everyone to do their best work by assigning access and setting permissions for team members.

  • Export to Mailchimp

    Use our connector to export your send-ready email campaigns straight into Mailchimp.

How does Taxi help my team?

Icons Team

Unlock Mailchimp

Enhancing your email process means more time to explore the advanced features available in Mailchimp.

Icons Turnaround

Be more agile

By creating email campaigns quickly you can be more reactive to your market and competitors. 

Icons Qa

Make fewer mistakes

Send test emails as you edit, and sync tools like Litmus to preview in 90+ email apps and devices.

Icons Scale

Make email at scale

Set up complex multiple-language and segmented email campaigns with just a few clicks.

Icons Brand

Stay on brand

Use an Email Design System to define formatting & layouts — to ensure campaigns stay on brand.

Icons Mobile

Make a great mobile experience

Produce mobile ready, responsive email campaigns without touching complex HTML code.

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