Hachette UK is a leading fiction and non-fiction publishing group, made up of several large publishing houses spanning across the UK, Ireland, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Hachette UK faced challenges with their email marketing due to the size of the company and quantity of the email campaigns that needed to be regularly produced. With over 100 individual mailings lists across the group, they had a complex need for an email marketing solution that would allow marketers to produce email at scale and quickly, but to a high quality.

Hachette wanted a solution that would allow the busy marketing teams to create emails for their campaigns without the need to learn HTML, which is time-consuming and a significant drawback in making the most of the email channel. The amount of code handling that marketers typically had to manoeuvre to add content and produce effective, mobile-responsive email campaigns also required complex skills which meant they were able to produce fewer campaigns than they wanted.

The challenge we have is that although weve got eight publishing houses, we have over 100 different mailing lists. Which means that weve got a really complex need for an email marketing solution that will allow us to create email campaigns really quickly, really seamlessly and not take up too much of our marketers time. - Tim Perhar, Group CRM Manager, Hachette UK.

Before using Taxi for Email

  • Over 100 different mailing lists to service individually

  • Inefficient collaboration in the email marketing workflow

  • Consumed marketers time and resources to excess

  • Marketers were required to have an understanding of HTML

After using Taxi for Email

  • One Email Design System, allowing marketers to create individual emails quickly and easily

  • Marketers and designers can collaborate easily in Taxi

  • Marketers have absolute flexibility to create modular sub-templates without knowing HTML

  • Considerably reduced overall time and resources invested into the entire email marketing process

The team at Taxi realised the objectives of simplifying Hachettes entire email process and providing their marketing team with a means of building email campaigns without touching any HTML code. They needed a solution to allow them to create email campaigns quickly and seamlessly.

What weve been able to do with Taxi is give our marketers the absolute flexibility of creating a Email Design System for whatever campaign theyre working on, but without having to worry about technical issues.

Tim Perhar Group CRM Manager, Hachette UK

Taxi for Email created a diverse Email Design System for Hachette that could be easily re skinned for the companys subsidiary brands.

What Ive now got is one Email Design System and these guys are now free to go ahead and create whatever campaigns they like from that. - Tim Perhar, Group CRM Manager, Hachette UK.

Taxi has given Hachette the absolute flexibility of creating an Email Design System for whatever campaign the marketer is working on, but without having to worry about the technical side of production and HTML. They can then send individually branded campaigns at scale, catering to each of Hachettes subsidiary mailing lists.

16,950 email campaigns and counting.

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