Home to some of the UK's best-loved radio stations such as Heart, Capital and Classic FM, to name a few, Global keeps 25.4 million listeners tuned in and entertained each week.

We caught up with Kim Doan, Head of CRM, to discuss how Global manages email across some of the most popular brands in UK radio.

How has email historically been created at Global?

Before I joined at Global, email had been created manually. There were many templates in use, and often any updates we wanted to make had to be made at code level.

It took a long time to create email campaigns, which was a challenge as news in the entertainment industry changes often. Wed have to change content half way through making email, in order to stay up to date by the time we send. This manual process was not only time consuming, it was also costly.

After I joined we went through a process to move to a new central ESP, but before then email was made in various systems, often using editor tools that were difficult to use and sometimes werent even supported anymore!

What does the email creation process look like now?

Now its really easy for our team to make email. We have a full integrated Email Design System with a set of sub templates - one per brand, which have everything we need and are easy to maintain. The Email Design System was cleverly designed so that each sub template remains on-brand, with all the elements the team need to build their day-to-day emails from. 

The CRM lead for each brand is responsible for putting the layout and content together in Taxi, but they work collaboratively with digital editorial and social teams who know the content in depth. Its quicker for us to make email, which means the content is fresher, and we also dont need to go into the HTML on a daily basis. We have a connector with Sailthru, our ESP, so once were ready, we can export to there and hit the send button.  

Before using Taxi for Email

  • Many variations of Global Radios emails had to be coded for individual brands
  • Each email had to be designed manually using HTML code
  • The email content creation strategy was costly and time consuming

After using Taxi for Email

  • Taxi for Email produced an Email Design System for Global Radio, which can be easily re-skinned to accommodate all Global Radio brands
  • Global Radio can create email campaigns in a CMS platform that ensures they cannot break the HTML code
  • Each Global Radio brand can now easily produce effective, on-brand email campaigns
  • Global Radio now has a cost effective, stress-free process for producing their email campaigns in-house
  • Taxi for Email has increased productivity for the teams at Global Radio
  • Reduced hours creating email campaigns by 80%

On average, how long does it take to create email campaigns using Taxi?

Its helped us increase productivity significantly, Id say weve reduced creation time and effort by about 80%. A good indicator of this is when we host events like the Summertime Ball. Now we use Taxi, we can get all the content together from the party, and send the wrap up email on the same day as people go home.

What reaction did the team have to the new process?

The team is a lot happier now  theyre still busy, but they get a lot of work done. Theyre more empowered to try out new ideas, and strive to send the best content we can.

What KPIs has Taxi helped you improve?

Weve been able to create more email  aside from regular newsletter-type content, we also send commercial and partner emails. Being able to make these easily has meant we can send more, and this has helped us generate a lot more revenue from the email channel.

In addition, we built more in-depth tracking into our templates in Taxi, so we have also been able to prove the value of email a lot more than we could.

How are your email campaigns personalised?

Many of our brands  Heart is a good example  operate locally across the UK. Heart has 22 stations, so weve been able to send national campaigns, that also include content tailored for the recipients local area. We also curate content based on engagement, and previous activity  being able to manage this in Taxi has helped us explore our options here.

What does the future hold for email marketing at Global?

Now that we have the day to day nailed, we have more time to look at pushing the boundaries with our campaigns. Were looking at adding some more creative flair to some key campaigns, particularly for some of our big events.


The team at Global use Taxi for Email to make better email campaigns. Try Taxi for yourself at taxiforemail.com, and sign up for Globals emails at global.com/radio

Taxi for Email has increased productivity for the teams at Global Radio

Madelene Yeshin CRM Manager, Global Radio

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