Global Radio is the UK’s largest commercial radio company and home to some of British radio’s biggest names including Heart, Capital, Classic FM, Radio X and Gold.

Global Radio houses eight radio stations, all requiring effective, on-brand email marketing campaigns. The volume of subscribers from different demographics meant that countless variations of email campaigns had to be created. 

The designing and coding of each email was being completed manually which led to separate processes of amends and QA. These factors contributed to making the email campaign creation a costly and time consuming process, which had the potential for a significant reduction.

Not only were campaigns built for individual stations, Taxi also allowed the marketing team to easily segment their targeted audiences within the CMS; ensuring the correct modules and versions are sent to the predetermined subscribers before it is imported into their ESP.

Before using Taxi for Email

  • Many variations of Global Radio’s emails had to be coded for individual brands
  • Each email had to be designed manually using HTML code
  • The email content creation strategy was costly and time consuming

After using Taxi for Email

  • Taxi for Email produced a master template for Global Radio, which can be easily re-skinned to accommodate all Global Radio brands
  • Global Radio can create email campaigns in a CMS platform that ensures they cannot break the HTML code
  • Each Global Radio brand can now easily produce effective, on-brand email campaigns
  • Global Radio now has a cost effective, stress-free process for producing their email campaigns in-house
  • Taxi for Email has increased productivity for the teams at Global Radio
  • Reduced hours creating email campaigns by 80%


Like many companies servicing multiple different brands with email campaigns, Global Radio knew they could be servicing their individual mailing lists more efficiently. Global Radio approached Taxi for Email to help reduce the time and costs associated with creating campaigns for their large catalogue of radio stations.

Taxi for Email would strive to produce a master template which can be re-skinned to accommodate all brands owned by Global Radio. The Taxi for Email CMS ensures the HTML code in the templates is kept completely separate from the platform used to build the campaigns, ensuring that the Global Radio email campaign creators weren’t able to accidentally alter the HTML.

“Taxi for Email has increased productivity for the teams at Global Radio”

Madelene Yeshin CRM Manager, Global Radio


Taxi for Email realised the objective of creating a suite of templates customised for each particular brand. This gives each brand the ability to consistently produce effective, on-brand email campaigns. On average, it now takes Global Radio 80% less time to produce and send a campaign.

Taxi for Email’s powerful CMS capabilities have ensured that Global Radio now have a cost effective, stress-free process for producing their email campaigns in-house with no risk of breaking HTML code. Taxi for Email has helped to increase productivity at Global Radio by improving work processes.

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