Encore Tickets simplifies the often complex process of booking theatre tickets. Encore Tickets operates several of its own ticket sale websites as well as working closely with multiple media partners and affiliates. CRM is a core part of the companys marketing activity and email is a key sales channel. 

Multiple, branded versions of each email campaign are required for Encores own brands and affiliates  often between 15 and 20 separate versions of a particular campaign need to be generated. Catering to multiple demographics, Encore Tickets required an email campaign creation platform that would enable them to quickly and effectively generate emails at scale, to several separate mailing lists.

Encore tickets encompasses ten ticketing brands, all requiring personalised, on-brand email campaigns. Previously, Encore had been creating and coding these differently branded emails,  all containing the same copy and imagery, using Dreamweaver. This meant that any amendments or slight adjustments had to be made across each individually branded HTML template, which was consuming both time and resources.

It was this time consuming inefficiency that drove Encore Tickets to seek an alternative solution that could make better use of employees time. Simplifying this process would allow employees to focus more time on business operations, ultimately assisting in increasing revenue.

Before using Taxi for Email

  • Created 10 individually branded email campaigns for each of Encore Tickets brands and affiliates

  • Any necessary changes to content, design and links had to be made separately across all templates

  • A slow process that consumed significant time and resources

After using Taxi for Email

  • Encore Tickets now have Email Design System for each brand that can be managed and updated from one master template.

  • HTML and Dreamweaver skills are no longer necessary to update email campaigns

  • The addition of Taxi syntax enables links for many versions of the campaign to be auto generated from one set of HTML

  • Taxi saves time so that Encore Tickets can focus their efforts into optimising campaigns and developing CRM projects to drive revenue


Taxi for Email and Encore Tickets worked together to create an Email Design System, which could accommodate the design needs for all brands under the Encore Tickets umbrella. Due to the particular nature of Encore Tickets disseminating identical content from ten different brands, it was essential that all content was able to be edited on a master version, that would update across all ten branded email campaigns, without affecting the unique HTML coded branding of each email.

Taxi for Email advised Encore Tickets to assign an individually designed template to each brand, which would allow for the content across all branded emails to be changed in unison using the master version. No repeated content writing. No individual template updates. No need for any HTML knowledge.

In addition, some clever use of the Taxi syntax meant that the links for many versions of the campaign could be auto generated from the master version. This has been a massive time saver and cut down on the amount of errors that inevitably occurred when links were manually generated.

Taxi for Email has changed the way we work. It has taken the stress and effort out of day-to-day email production and allowed us to spend more time optimising campaigns and developing CRM projects to drive revenue.

Sean Pound CRM Manager


Encore Tickets now have a significantly more time efficient process of producing email campaigns at scale. This time efficiency has led to greater staff productivity by allowing staff more to time to focus on other important business elements. Minimising time spent on email creation has been a cost-effective endeavour, which will increase Encore Tickets return on investment.

Encore Tickets were able to add Taxi syntax to their Email Design System independently, with little support from the Taxi for Email team. This particular use of the Taxi for Email platform showcases the simplicity of the product and proves that you dont need to be a developer to reap great benefits from Taxi.

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