EF English Live are the world leader in international education. They combine language training with cultural exchange, academic achievement and educational travel to deliver courses and programs that transform dreams into international opportunities.

The international and multilingual elements of the company made their email campaign creation process challenging, as emails had to be written in specific languages for each demographic. The quantity of emails that needed to be sent was also a contributing factor to the company’s need to advance their email capabilities.

Before using Taxi for Email

  • 4 days to build an email campaign across 30 different variations

  • 80% of marketers time spent on building emails

  • Many variations of their emails for different language demographics and product lines

  • Emails had to be created in their ESP using html

  • Ten minutes to manually create a mailing for the ESP

After using Taxi for Email

  • Just 4 hours to build an email campaign across 30 different variations

  • Marketing team now spend 80% of their time optimising emails

  • Email campaigns are made using derived templates from the hardcoded master template

  • No longer have to build campaigns using complicated html in their ESP

  • Just one minute to create mailings in the ESP


EF English Live had previously been building their email campaigns in their ESP, which was an inefficient method that required some html knowledge. Taxi for Email aimed to provide a product that would save time and integrate with EF Education First’s ESP.

Taxi realised the objective of cloning derived templates from one hardcoded master template. This would save time when building email campaigns across an average of thirty different campaign variations. These clones would then be adjustable for each of the 15 different language demographics and product line variations.

“Taxi for Email is a very user friendly system that allows us to create one great master template and then clone that template for all the different versions we need.”

Reina Toeda Director, Global CRM at EF English Live


Before Taxi, it used to take the EF English Live team four days to build an email campaign across 30 different variations. Now it takes them just four hours.

Integration with their ESP has been an efficient time-saver and made the entire email marketing process easier. They no longer have to create emails in their complicated ESP; they can now be created in Taxi without any html knowledge.

Before Taxi, EF Education First email marketing team would spend 80% of their time building emails. Now that they’re using Taxi, 80% of their time is spent on optimising emails.

16,950 email campaigns and counting.

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