As a greater number of subscribers are opening their emails on mobile, it's becoming more important than ever to think about what your emails are looking like on smaller devices. If you let your desktop design and layout completely dictate what your emails look like on mobile devices, you might not be giving them the best experience. Many brands get the majority of their opens from people using their phones, so not optimising for mobile can have a significant impact on performance and engagement.

Making sure your emails are appearing perfectly no matter the screen size, is essential for any marketing team.

Taxi Syntax enables you to have complete control over what your EDS looks like on mobile, whether that's small tweaks such as mobile font size or having a completely different experience on mobile all together by removing or adding content.

Mobile Font Size

Have separate control for your font size on desktop and mobile.

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Mobile Image Width

Control the sizes of your images depending on what device the email is opened on.

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Mobile Padding

Control mobile and desktop padding independently.

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Separate Mobile Images

Give the option to show different images on mobile and desktop.

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