Congrats! Youve uploaded your first module and Email Design System to Taxi. Now lets add another and make some text editable.

We'll start the same as we did for the image module, directly before the start of the HTML you want to use for this module, add in an opening <module> tag with a name and a label.

<!-- start of text module -->
<module name="text_module" label="Full Width Text"> 

Then directly after the last bit of HTML you want to include in this module close the module, just like we did with the image module.

<!-- end of image module -->

Now, within this module, find the text that you want to make editable. In our HTML we have a headline, subheading, body copy and a CTA. Around each bit of text add in an opening and closing <editable> tag. Remember to include a name and label attribute.

<editable name="headline" label="Headline Text">Headline</editable> 

This will create a text field for you to edit the headline in Taxi. Whatever text is inside the <editable> tags in the HTML will be the default content, in this case 'Headline'.

We can also create a rich text field, a field where we can add additional styling to individual words or sentences within the field, such as bold, italic and underline. To do this, add the word rich to the opening tag.

<editable name="headline" label="Headline Text" rich>Headline</editable> 

Now that weve added this module with some editables inside it, head back to your Taxi account and upload your updated Email Design System.

If you dont have access to Taxi, this video shows how our new text module behaves in Taxi.

Youve completed the first set of lessons! Were now going to move on to the next part of Taxi Syntax, but if youre working on your own HTML, feel free to continue adding as many modules as you need.

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