If youve made it to this page you now know the foundations of Taxi Syntax and will be able to upload your HTML into Taxi. However, what weve learnt so far might not match exactly how you need your Email Design System to work. 

For example, for your images you might not want the height and width to be editable. Also, weve covered how to make links and text editable but what about other bits of HTML and CSS like the colour or font size. How do we make them editable?

This is where fields come in. They are very similar to editables in the sense that they give you the options you need in the editor, but they enable you to have even more control over what options your teams have when creating emails.

The pages below explain some common examples of how fields can be used but be sure to check out our extensive list of all the fields you can have too.

Text fields

Learn how to use fields when it comes to making text editable.

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Image fields

Add more control to how your images are added to and edited in emails with image fields.

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Colour fields

Learn how to make other elements of your HTML editable, such as colours used in inline CSS.

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