Jordy, is our Business Development Executive who works closely with Jack (our Sales & Partnership Manager) to help keep the leads coming in and sign people up to start making better email.

Out of 8.8 million people in London, we are blessed with a handful of people who voluntarily take a trip to Clerkenwell and dedicate their whole day to improving the Taxi brand, deliver exceptional service to our customers and help people make better email.

We would like to introduce you to one of those people, our very own, Jordy Dikala

How did you find your way to the Taxi team?

I was looking for an opportunity in a business development role & was told of an opportunity in the Taxi team. The rest is history.

What does a Business Development Executive do at Taxi?

My job role involves generating new leads for Taxi and selling/promoting our services to new clients. I get to tell people how great Taxi is and how we can help them improve their email creation process!

What have you learned since joining Taxi?

I did not come from an email background so I’ve learnt a ton about the email marketing world. I really see the value in having a solid email marketing team to help boost your brand. Oh and the people you work alongside can have a big positive impact on your day to day work life.

What makes Taxi special as a company?

The people I work with are great. Never a dull day in the office & no two days are the same. Everyone is really relaxed and always happy to help.

What do you love to do on your day off?

On my day off I love playing football or spending the day on my PS4 playing Fortnite

What’s the most exciting thing going on today?

Liverpool actually look like they’re mounting a serious title race! #YNWA

Favourite place to visit?

Ibiza (Spain)

Favourite superhero?

Not really a superhero guy but probably Spiderman if i had to chose.

Favourite thing to eat?

I have quite an unhealthy obsession with smarties

Favourite quote?

He Who Dares Wins

Your biggest pet peeve?

Friends who are chronically late when meeting up

Describe yourself with a gif

Tell us an interesting thing about yourself?

Used to have a fear of flying so didn't go on a plane until i was 18

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