Exporting from Taxi using the Sailthru Connector

Once you have finished creating an email campaign in Taxi, you can export HTML to your Sailthru account.

You can create a new campaign in Sailthru, or if you have previously exported this mailing, you may want to update an existing draft campaign in Sailthru with new content.

If you have set up multiple versions in Taxi, you can decide which parts of your audience get which version, or you can send everyone the same version. If needed, you can set certain segments of the audience so they don’t receive an email.

Taxi will then add the necessary Zephyr code and set up a new email campaign in Sailthru. 

Setting up the Sailthru Connector

In Taxi, select ‘Account Settings’ from the menu under your name.

Then click on ESP Connectors.

Add a new connector.

Fill in the basic details and select connector type as ‘Sailthru API Export’.

Next you need to enter your application specific API key and a secret from Sailthru. 

To obtain these, please email a request from your Sailthru Client Services Manager. 

Back in Taxi, once you enter your Sailthru details hit save and the connector will be set up.

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