Export your email

When you have finished editing your content, select the ‘export’ option from the top navigation. You can either export the version that you are currently working on or the entire mailing.

Alternatively you can export the entire mailing direct from the mailings list.

On the exports page you will see the different options to export:

  • File Export
  • ESP Connectors

File Exports

There are 3 ways to export your file:

  1. Download HTML
    Get your final code back, ready to load into your email platform. If you have made multiple versions, you can export an HTML file for each version. To make it easier for some platforms, exports also include one file with all the versions in.
  2. Screenshots
    If you need to print your design, or send over a comp to other stakeholders, you can export desktop and mobile screenshots.
  3. Hosted URL
    If your email platform will import HTML from a hosted URL, you can temporarily host your email code.

Click on ‘Start Export’ on any of these options to begin the export.

ESP Connectors

Click on the ESP connector option to be taken to more options to send your file to your ESP. For more info on specific ESP connectors contact us at hello@taxiforemail.com.

The Export tab

You can come back to the export tab at any time to check the status of your export.

Or you can download a previously exported file. Please note: previously exported files are kept for a maximum of 28 days.

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