We’re excited and delighted to announce the newest member of the Taxi team, Hari Saini, who will be joining us as our Partnerships Manager.

Hari is here to help agencies and email platforms make a great solution for their clients, using Taxi as a basis.

Hari brings over 15 years of email marketing experience where he has worked with ESP, plugins/tools and agencies. His background in Physics and Computer Science affords him a deep understanding of marketing technologies. Over the course of his career Hari has provided industry leadership through a variety of roles (Solution Consulting, Product Development, Sales Support and Relationship building).

Because of Hari’s longevity and international acumen, he has built long lasting relationships in the industry. These experiences, have qualified Hari uniquely to spearhead Taxi for Email’s Global partnership and industry relations programs.

In his spare time, Hari is a keen photographer, loves to cook and is a die-hard passionate Tifoso Ferrari Formula One fan.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Hari brings to the Taxi, so join me in welcoming him to the team!

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