Now you can combine Emarsys’ innovative marketing automation software with the tools Taxi provides to make great email campaigns.

We’re excited to launch our brand new connector between Taxi and one of the world’s leading marketing automation software providers, Emarsys.

The new connector helps marketers make better email, by combining the advanced content management of Taxi with the sophisticated B2C Marketing cloud Emarsys provides.

Marketers can use Taxi to produce great email campaigns, either using the included suite of templates or by uploading their own. By combining Taxi with Emarsys you can put the simplified creation of personalised, highly relevant email right into the hands of content editors.

Once you’ve perfected your email campaigns in Taxi, simply export to Emarsys in just a few clicks (no more copy and pasting delicate HTML code!). From there you will be able to leverage data of the success of your emails made in Taxi. You’ll also gain campaign performance insights, as well as the ability to test, optimize and refine your emails.

About Emarsys

Emarsys is a leading global provider of marketing automation software and the first marketing cloud for retail and e-commerce. The Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud enables true, one-to-one interactions between marketers and consumers across all channels — building loyalty, enriching the customer journey and increasing revenues.  Machine learning and data science fuels customer intelligence in an intuitive, cloud-based platform enabling companies to scale marketing decisions and actions far beyond human capabilities.

Try the Taxi + Emarsys Connector today!

Try out Taxi today – once you’re setup send support a quick message and we’ll turn on the connector for you.

Also, we’ll be exhibiting at Emarsys Revolution next week! So if you’re attending stop by our booth and say hello.

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