We're excited to launch our latest connector! Combine great email content with powerful marketing automation.

Marketers can make even better email campaigns now that we've introduced the Taxi and Adobe Campaign connector. Our customers can combine the advanced content management tools that Taxi has to offer with some of the industry's best marketing and engagement tools provided by Adobe Campaign.

Start with one of Taxi’s preloaded templates, upload your own, or have us create a bespoke template for you. You can then add and edit content with Taxi’s visual editor and easily create multiple versions of a campaign for your different audiences. Then export the finished product to Adobe with just a few clicks.

Adobe Campaign offers all of the comforts of their ESP, but adds a comprehensive single customer view with instant access to a complete integrated customer profile, along with the ability to automate multi-touch, multi-wave, triggered campaigns all from one native user interface.

Once you’ve perfect the content in Taxi and the data in Adobe, just hit send!

About Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign enables marketers to tie together all online and offline channels. Integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud take their data and content capabilities to the next level by leveraging Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager, and Core Services to deliver more impactful, personalized and contextualized experiences to the consumer in real-time. All while keeping an eye on the full breadth of the customer’s interactions to minimize contact fatigue and maximize impact.

But wait, that's not all

Our engineering team have been working hard on this connector. You can now export a separate delivery template for each version.

We have added a third option when exporting through the Adobe connector. 'Create a mailing template for each version'. As opposed to just being able to send one version at a time you can now choose which ones you want to export, whether it be all the versions or just some of them. This can save a lot of time.

You can also choose the destination folder in Adobe for each version in the same place. Again this saves time as you won't have to go into each version and export to choose the destination folder.

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