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We know it can be difficult to successfully manage a large team while also minimising mistakes and double handling. This is exactly why we introduced team management in Taxi.

Taxi allows you to create teams to connect your marketers, designers and anyone else working closely with your email production. This is especially useful for companies creating a lot of email campaigns across multiple brands or offices. We also understand that everyone’s workflows can be very different, so we developed Taxi with the flexibility to meet your individual needs.

Team management in Taxi includes a ‘permissions’ function for enterprise packages, which allows you to decide which users can edit your campaigns and use individual Taxi features. By using permissions, you can monitor who can access individual Taxi features based on their skills and requirements. This gives your Taxi admin total control over who can:

  • Move content modules

  • Create mailings

  • Create projects

  • Create versions

  • Edit some design elements like fonts and colours

  • Hide modules in modulezones

  • Configure segmentation and more

This level of permission control will streamline your workflow by giving you the confidence that everyone is qualified and confident to successfully complete their assigned tasks.

As well as assigning individual users permissions, you can also set permission for entire teams. Team permissions can streamline the workflow of large enterprise’s by ensuring that each sector only has access to the editing functions required for the particular brands they work on.

Additionally, your Taxi admin also have the ability to reduce flexibility in editing sub-templates by keeping particular fields locked to certain members of your team. This will ensure that Taxi users cannot create email campaigns that are off-brand or unattractive. This feature is useful when working with a large team, as it gives you total control over who can edit what. You can be certain that your designers will generate perfectly on-brand emails, while your marketers and copywriters can focus solely on content and audiences.

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