Send email your customers can’t ignore with our new partnership with Campaign Monitor.

We’re excited to launch our brand new connector between Taxi and email platform Campaign Monitor.

The new connector helps marketers make better email, by combining the advanced content management of Taxi with the powerful marketing and automation capabilities of Campaign Monitor.

Marketers can use Taxi to produce awesome email campaigns, either using the included suite of templates or by uploading their own. By combining Taxi’s drag and drop email builder with Campaign Monitor’s capabilities, users can experience the best of both platforms to engage with their email audiences.

About Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor stands for simple, powerful email marketing, automation and online surveys that help growing businesses. They deliver technology that solves complex problems in an uncomplicated way.

Campaign Monitor work with media moguls, tech giants and nonprofits across lots of different industries. They offer visual journey designers, creative marketing strategies and real-time performance metrics to deliver great email marketing campaigns.

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