Avoid making mistakes and sending broken email, using our new Litmus Previews Add On.

Our new Litmus Add On means you can preview email campaigns in over 70 different email apps and devices, from within the Taxi editor. Thanks to Litmus Instant Previews, you can also see live updates in email clients instantly, as you update content in Taxi,

Get started

To use Litmus Previews in Taxi, you’ll need a Litmus account.

You can log in to Litmus Previews in Taxi by navigating to the Taxi Editor, clicking on “Litmus Previews” on the Preview dropdown. Here you will be asked to log in using your Litmus details, and authenticate your Litmus account with Taxi.

Please note, our new Litmus Previews Add On uses OAuth to authenticate with Litmus – If you have used the previous Litmus preview tool in Taxi, you will need to re-log into Litmus via Taxi.

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