Taxi for Email helps agencies to make better emails and streamline email workflow. See how email design agency ActionRocket use Taxi.

ActionRocket helps agencies and brands to develop effective email campaigns.

We think the most effective work happens when a great email message is built alongside the use of data, and supported with a robust codebase. This allows all channels to get the best outcome for the brands communications.  

We use Taxi for Email as a platform to bridge the gap between designing, editing and sending email campaigns. Allowing us to push email’s boundaries and create more engaging messages for our clients to send. Taxi works alongside our email production team and the client’s email service provider, enabling everyone to work together effectively.  

How does Taxi help us?  

The designers at ActionRocket can build a template into Taxi and our copywriters have the flexibility to create and edit email campaigns, and focus on creating great content. Clients can then see their master template, and designers are able to give editors enough control to create new campaigns and use previous templates. Once an email campaign is complete, clients can export the code directly to any email service provider to send out their emails.

How does Taxi help our clients?

Once we have created and delivered the HTML to the client there is still a risk of issues occurring within the code before sending. Diving into the template can cause many problems, by breaking the fragile email code or using a visual editor which does not agree with the template. We often receive further email amends, and our designers must then re-work on the code adding extra time to tight deadlines. Alternatively, with Taxi our clients can modify the versions themselves according to their individual needs.

As the best email campaigns sit at the intersection of data and creativity, it is an industry driven by technology and human decisions. It is important for us as an agency to have Taxi, to give our clients the large amount of flexibility they need. Using the best possible tools collectively to send great email campaigns at the highest standard.

This article is written by Bex, who is an account manager at ActionRocket.

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