Our engineering team have been hard at work making little tweaks to make the Taxi user experience even better.

Rich text editor update

  • The style buttons will press themselves to show which styles are being used in the selection

  • Custom styles can now overlap, so you can have a link in a heading for example

  • A link can span over several lines

  • Bug fixes that allow for seamless pasting from Google Docs

  • Bug fixes for pasting from a Word document

  • Improvements on cursor positioning

  • Improvements on extra spacing. Extra spacing in the editor won’t result in extra spaces in the rendered HTML

  • You can now add a soft-hyphen when using languages with extremely long words and sentences that join words together

Adobe connector update

The second thing we’ve been working on is our Adobe connector. We’ve updated the exporting options to make your email process smoother than ever. If you use our Adobe connector, we recommend you take a look!

New Campaign Monitor connector

We’re excited to launch our brand new connector between Taxi and email platform Campaign Monitor.

The new connector helps marketers make better email, by combining the advanced content management of Taxi with the powerful marketing and automation capabilities of Campaign Monitor.

Check back frequently to see more Taxi product updates as they happen. 

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