We built Taxi for Email to streamline your entire email process. Here are just some of the features that will benefit your team and help you to excel in your role.


You can create multiple version of a single email based on your fully branded master template. This enables your team working across multiple brands and audiences to work separately, but maintain brand consistency, which is integral to any multi-brand company.

This feature also allows the easy management of multiple languages. Translators use sub-templates to easily input translated content into identically branded email templates. This has simplified the translation process for Taxi's largest multi-national customers.

Team Management

Taxi for Email gives you the most control and flexibility over managing your entire email team, from designers, to content writers and marketers.

The ‘permissions’ function gives you total control over what each of the Taxi users in your email team can do within the app. This includes changing the email layout, adding and editing content, exporting emails and much more.

If you want the added peace of mind that your emails will always be on-brand, you can make use of our lockable fields function and lock down any design elements in your master template so that it cannot be edited by anyone in any sub-templates. You can also choose to allow limited design elements so that your email team still has some creative input. This is especially useful when dealing with style elements like brand-specific colours and fonts.


Segmentation in Taxi enables users to segment their recipient list into audiences, without endless data inputting or technical skills required. It is a simple in-app process that can be achieved in just a few clicks.

A report by DMA noted that segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue, while Campaign Monitor stated that marketers have witnessed a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.

In-app segmentation will streamline the overall email process and eliminate the need for an additional data expert. It is also a key factor in the overall success in any email marketing strategy.

Smarter Link Tracking

So you’re sending great emails, but are you making the most of the data they acquire? Taxi for Email offers the automatic setup of link tracking. This automated process ensures that email marketers don’t have to add the appropriate tracking code to each link in a campaign because our platform does it for you. This automation saves time and eliminates the need for coding knowledge.

Taxi for Email features link tracking profiles too, which allows you to define what is appended to your email links for tracking purposes. Taxi also enables you to assign link tracking profiles to link groups, which is a group of links in an email to be tracked in a particular way for specific purposes. For example, header links can be tracked differently to body links based on where you place your most important content and call to action links within your email campaigns.

Taxi for Email has simplified the processes of including link tracking in email campaigns and logging the associated data, which saves on production time and enables users without coding knowledge to implement effective tracking.

ESP Connectors

Taxi for Email gives you three exporting options; export as an image, export as HTML and export to your ESP. Each exporting option has its individual benefits, but it is exporting directly to your ESP that will save your team time and eliminate human error.

Your team can preview campaigns in real time as they are built in the visual editor. They can then preview in Litmus and send test emails all within the Taxi app. Once you are happy with the finished product, you can export it directly to your ESP ready for sending. This eliminates the possibility of human error when moving the fragile HTML code from Taxi to the ESP.

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